See How Easily You Can Expand Your Living Space

We build home additions in Portsmouth, VA and surrounding areas

Are you running out of room in your home? You don’t have to upgrade to a bigger living space—it’s easy to get more square footage in the home you love when you hire Steven Rosso Company to build a home addition. We work with homeowners in the Portsmouth, VA and surrounding area. Reach out to us today to make an appointment.

Home Additions

Increase the size of your home

Call today if you’re considering a home addition in Portsmouth, Virginia and the surrounding areas. When you make an appointment with Steven Rosso Company, we will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your vision and budget
  • Inspect your home to plan your home addition
  • Develop a floor plan for the new space
  • Build an addition that flows with your home’s design

It’s important to make sure your home can support a new home addition, especially if you want to add a room to the upper level of your home. We’ll make sure your home is ready for a major structural change. Contact Steven Rosso Company now to discuss your home renovation project with an experienced contractor located in Portsmouth, VA and serving the surrounding areas.